July 15th 2018

Buzzbike is enabling Londoners to travel smarter and brands to drive recognition

by Buzzbike

Award-winning, tech-enabled cycle scheme has a rare brand partnership opportunity for businesses who are looking to drive brand awareness through reshaping the way Londoners travel.

We’re proud that we have managed to send hundreds of people pedaling around the streets of London on a Buzzbike, which has meant that we’ve already had a strong environmental impact on the capital.

We’re committed to keeping this positive momentum going, alongside brands who have similar values to us at Buzzbike. Those who want to make a difference to the way we travel; and to the benefit of the planet.

Advertising legend Sir John Hegarty is already sold on the idea, as are many others in the media and advertising space, pointing largely to the fact that the environment, the riders and brand partners all win with Buzzbike.

Buzzbike and PayPal’s Braintree partnered which saw them win best Digital Experience at the 2017 Event Awards, beating Nike to first place.

Cycling on the rise in London

You often hear people talk about The Netherlands and parts of Scandinavia as the cycling capitals of Europe, leaving cities like London, Paris and Madrid coy about the efforts being made to get their residents on bikes.

But no more. With eight million inhabitants, London is making up ground with the cycling trend, which is, in part, a result of rising transport costs, greater awareness of consumer impact to the environment and an all-round need to become a more sustainable city, in the wake of the Paris Agreement of 2016.

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CSR strategy

Brands have been clambering over each other to create a corporate social responsibility strategy to put themselves, and their products or services, at the front of a ‘green’ and sustainable movement for many years now.

What does that really mean, and what has the impact of this work meant for their own reputations?

Often not much, and as consumers wise-up to so called ‘greenwashing’, brands need to look for truly authentic and game-changing ways of delivering impact, return on investment and change in the minds of the consumers that they’re trying to reach.

Here at Buzzbike we believe in real change. Change to the way Londoners use transport to get around the City. Change to the environmental impact that all of our choices make. And a change to the way that brands interact transparently with their audiences.

The brand partnership

Includes 2,000 Buzzbike, lights, lock, insurance and servicing. And once they’re up and riding an app connects the riders’ to the bike to record journeys, track usage, compete on leaderboards and win rewards the more they ride. All of this is offered for a monthly subscription they can cancel any time.

These 2000 bikes could have an environmental impact that’s to the equivalent of 545 tonnes of CO2 - or 25,000 oak trees.

From a financial perspective, 2,000 Buzzbikers could save £1 million on public transport by using the service - that’s over 29,000 Tube journeys. And, if that is not enough, riders would sweat out over 81 million additional calories - that’s a whopping 150,000 Big Macs!

Now, imagine being able to put your brand at the centre of this story?

Furthermore, building a brand partnership with the awarding-winning Buzzbike can mean a variety of activities, which can be extended across PR, social and events. But most importantly, the unique cycles, made by Cooper bikes (the inventors of Mini Cooper), offer a sustained brand presence throughout the UK’s capital.

Are you thinking that this sounds great, but wondering if there’s flexibility? Well, Buzzbike can support you with a bespoke package that delivers against your CSR KPIs. It’s not an off-the-shelf service, but one that fits to your organisation’s requirements.

Interested to find out how Buzzbike could become a genuine element of your CSR strategy? Get in touch to discuss our white-labeled brand partnerships.

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Buzzbike is enabling Londoners to travel smarter and brands to drive recognition

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