July 15th 2018

How to build a brand partnership with award-winning cycle scheme, Buzzbike.

by Buzzbike

The world’s first subscription-led cycle scheme which won eight awards in 2017 alone; one of which ousted Nike to best Digital Experience.

It’s been an incredible two years for Buzzbike following the launch in 2016 at the Design Museum in London, as part of the Cycle Revolution Exhibition. This was swiftly followed by being featured in the likes of Wallpaper, Time Out and The Guardian and then gaining a plethora of awards in partnership with PayPal’s Braintree.

The notion has since been backed by some of the biggest names in media and advertising including ad great Sir John Hegarty who describes it as ‘a rare opportunity, where the rider wins. The brand wins. And the environment wins

Buzzbike is offering a unique opportunity for a brand to collaborate on it’s full London rollout in 2019. Let the games begin!

We offer partners a fully integrated partnership that includes 2,000 custom branded bikes, a white-labelled app, data and reporting, full naming rights, targeted rider recruitment and end-to-end operational management.

Our Creative Directors have shared their thoughts on how your brand could raise awareness at the centre of the city, engage communities, offer unique product to customers or develop a meaningful CSR initiative.

Earn while you ride: Health and wellbeing discounts and prizes

Picture a health insurance or wellbeing brand that offers the opportunity to ride the Buzzbike for a discounted rate per month to its customers.

If they ride between three to five days per week they could unlock prizes the more they ride. And at the same time the riders’ insurance premium or subscription could be reduced the more active they are, as an incentive to jump onto the saddle.

The proposition would act as a unique customer acquisition tool; raise brand awareness and reinforce a health and well-being brand positioning.

Thirsty Buzzbikers: Free refreshing refill fountains

With plastic a big issue in the popular consciousness, water fountains springing up around London, and many bike riders carrying their own bottles, a partnership with a drinks brand fits the bill.

As part of the Buzzbike partnership we could extend the awareness further by creating branded fountains. The riders, on their branded bikes, could refill their bottles with a refreshing soft drink. Maybe you’d decide to expand the awareness even further a field by fueling all of London’s riders? The fountains can be installed alongside bike lanes and racks, and rely on Buzzbike’s technical expertise to keep things secure.

The free refills would play a major role in the proposition for a health conscious drink brand (with a narrative of modern innovation for the good of the city and the planet).

Get a free month test ride on a Buzzbike by registering your interest here

Cycling Clubs: build the next Nike+ Run Club for bikes

In the seventies, jogging didn’t exist. Today, you can’t spend 60 seconds on London’s streets without someone running by in their branded – beloved – gear. This is thanks to a movement of runners, spurred on by clubs like @run.dem.crew who have 18.5k and @nikerunning have 5.5m people in their communities on social.

The same is happening in cycling. Numbers are growing. Groups are forming. The support is there from the Mayor himself.

London is becoming a cycling city and that’s an opportunity for brands to shape engaged communities, create standout content, build brand awareness, and there’s numerous storytelling opportunities too. Think about the live rider data that could be plugged straight into your website, social, OOH or in-shop campaign.

Then there’s the idea of making stylish clothing riders can comfortably cycle in before strolling into a café or restaurant. Buzzbike already kits you out with lights, locks and all the nuts and bolts your bike needs. But what if we extended that to include a clothing partnership?

Imagine building the next Run Dem Crew or Nike+ Run Club for bikes. The results for both the city and your brand could be significant.

Let’s start by discussing how the Buzzbike partnership could work for your brand

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How to build a brand partnership with award-winning cycle scheme, Buzzbike.

The world’s first subscription-led cycle scheme which won eight awards in 2017 alone; one of which ousted Nike to best Digital Experience…

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