June 29th 2018

Road Safety

by Buzzbike

It’s important to remember that cycling is actually a safe activity, and the number of cycling-related accidents in London has been dropping consistently in the last 10 years. It also has serious health benefits which help you to live longer…

Nonetheless, safety is the number one priority when cycling, and being alert on the road is very important. We’ve put together some advice below to help you avoid any trouble:

1. Plan your route

When you’re cycling, you don’t want uncertainty over which turn to take or which lane you should be in, so always make sure to plan ahead if it’s an unfamiliar journey, and familiarise yourself with what will be coming up.

2. Keep your bike well maintained

This is essential, and will help you avoid issues. You can check out our guide to maintaining your Buzzbike here on how to do this.

3. Large vehicles

Lorries and buses are only a small fraction of all traffic but they make up a disproportionate part of accident statistics, due to their size and limited visibility. In particular, large vehicles turning left is something to watch out for, as the gap between them and the curb may disappear as they manoeuvre.

4. Follow the rules of the road

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but cyclists often get criticised for ignoring the rules. You should ride as you would drive a car, following the Highway Code. That includes stopping for red lights!

It's particularly important to make clear to other road users what you intend to do, so signalling is essential.

5. Clothing and accessories

We recommend you wear a helmet which will significantly protect you should an accident happen. You can grab one from our friends at Brooks England, where you can receive a 20% discount as a Buzzbiker. Check them out here: https://www.brooksengland.com/en_uk/accessories/helmets.html

Wear something you're comfortable cycling in particularly if you're going for a longer ride. You also need to be seen, so brighter colours are recommended particularly when riding in the dark - a high-vis jacket won’t go amiss if you're a regular night rider. Also make sure to fit your Knog lights and keep them charged up (the strap doubles as a usb plug!)

If you’ve got any other queries we’ve not covered above, the Buzzbike team is always happy to chat and help out. Cycling shouldn’t be a daunting activity, and will make our cities more liveable for everyone!

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